1.Driving Directions:


Exit National Highway No. 1 from Sinwu / Jongli (Exit 62).


Drive down Sinwu exit and follow road 114 (Min-Zu Rd.) towards the west.


Drive past Jhong Ping Elementary School and turn right.Follow the road and you will see South Garden Hotels & Resorts.


The hotel is near many landmarks and can be easily accessed by public transportation. 2.The following shows the approximate travel time from the hotel to various locations (Landmark / Route / Time):


(1)Taiwan High Speed Rail Taoyuan station / Express way / 15 min


(2)Taoyuan International Airport / Road 114, National Highway No. 1 / 25 min


(3)National Highway No. 1, Sinwu / Jongli exit / Road 114 (Min-Zu) / 8 min


(4)Taipei / National Highway No. 1 / 35 min


(5)Hsinchu Science Park / National

Highway No. 1 / 25 min


3.Room Guest Shuttle Service:

The shuttle bus offers free shuttle service for hotel guests during their stay on a fixed time and location basis. The destonations are THSR Taoyuan Station (same as Taoyuan Metro A18 THSR Taoyuan Metro Station) and Zhongli Train Station.


If Shuttle services are required outside the scheduled time, a service charge of NT$400 per trip will be required. The shuttle bus accommodates up to 8 passenagers. Booking in advance is required to use the shuttle service, please make reservation at the hotel before 17:00 one day in advance.


Shuttle Schedule: South Garden Hotel- Location Instruction & Shuttle Service Schedule.pdf